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The Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) has launched its fourth annual “Concrete in Life” photography competition, inviting both amateur and professional photographers from all over the world to capture the beauty of concrete and showcase its role in promoting sustainability.

This article in The Guardian features some amazing photographs of concrete in nature and in buildings.


The competition, which features a prize of $10,000, requires participants to take inspiring images of concrete, with a new category called “Beauty and Design” emphasizing the material’s beauty in architecture and beyond. Concrete is the most widely used man-made material and is essential in many infrastructure projects, thanks to its resilience, durability, and recyclability.

This year’s judges for the competition include Norman Miller, a freelance writer and photographer, and Chris George, Content Director at Digital Camera World, who will join Thomas Guillot, GCCA Chief Executive. The competition includes four categories: Urban Design and Use, Infrastructure, Concrete in Daily Life, and Beauty and Design. There are amateur and professional brackets for each category.

The overall winner of the “Best Concrete in Life” photo of the year will receive a prize of $10,000, while each category winner will be awarded $2,500. The previous year’s competition received over 13,500 photos from both amateur and professional photographers.

According to Thomas Guillot, the GCCA Chief Executive, concrete is fundamental to many communities worldwide and forms the basis for stunning architecture. The competition aims to showcase the beauty of concrete while highlighting its importance in creating a sustainable built environment.

To enter the competition, participants must post a photo on Instagram or Twitter along with an explanation of the photo, the reason behind taking it, and whether they are an amateur or professional photographer.

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