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A concrete dining table is often unique due to the natural qualities of the product. In fact, it’s as natural and individual as a piece of oak. No
two tables are the same as a concrete table consists of many variables such as the stone used and the mix. One thing you can be assured of is the solid,
hard-wearing and stunningly visual impression a concrete dining table will bring to your home.

Our tables are also finished with an invisible coating which is resistant to spills and stains which means your individual dining table is an icon of
utilitarian urban design that is both warm and practical.

Here at Daniel Polished Concrete, our passion is creating unique concrete tables as individual as you are.

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Polished Concrete Tables by Daniel, close up of a concrete table

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close up view of one of our polished concrete tables

Rectangle Dining Tables

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square dining table by daniel, hand finished polished concrete tables

Square Dining Tables


console table from daniel, experts in polished concrete tables

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large polished concrete tables with seating for up to 10 people

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Stunning Polished Concrete Tables
Designed Uniquely For You

We’ve  have worked hard to achieve a natural and interesting finish that can stand up to everyday use and create a stunning centre piece with minimal maintenance.

Our skilled craftsmen will build and finish your table with our unique style of polished concrete. Each one is unique and cannot and your table will look better as it ages taking on the characteristics of everyday life.

Visit more table images in the Gallery or on our Houzz or Instagram profiles, or feel free to call me for a chat on 0161 358 0850 or email daniel@dpc-ltd.co.uk

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