Is Concrete Green? Cemex Reduces Its CO2 Emissions Across Europe by 41%

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Cemex, a global building materials company, has reported a significant reduction in its annual CO2 emissions from its European operations. In 2022, the company’s emissions fell by 41% compared to 1990 levels, and it achieved a 12% reduction between 2020 and 2022.

This accomplishment can be attributed to the success of Cemex’s climate action strategy, which included investments in alternative fuels, solar power plants, and the deployment of its Vertua reduced-CO2 products across the region. Cemex has also set ambitious targets for the future and expects to exceed its 2030 goal of a 55% reduction in CO2 emissions from its European operations.

Regional President Sergio Menendez expressed confidence in achieving these targets, emphasizing the importance of innovative thinking, collaboration, and regulatory development. While Cemex is actively working on carbon capture projects and policy advocacy for its ultimate net-zero target, Menendez noted that the 2030 interim goals do not rely on this technology.

He acknowledged that this is a challenging goal but believes that sustained effort is vital to meet their global objective of becoming a net-zero CO2 company by 2050. Cemex plans to provide regular updates on its progress as it continues to pursue its climate action strategy.

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